Prairie Point Pineapple

Let me share my love of Prairie Points as you make a welcoming Prairie Point Pineapple .

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Let's construct a welcoming Pineapple wall quilt with a unique twist -- Prairie Points! Learn how to use a tailoring tool (or inexpensive substitute) to make the Prairie Points. Master the technique of sewing bulky seams without pins. I'll show you how to perfect your seam allowance and how to ease when necessary. I'll also show you three quilting options for your pineapple, and I'll wrap it all up with a handy trick for hanging your finished wall hanging. Along the way, I will provide insight into how these techniques can be applied to other projects. This course will expand your existing sewing knowledge and capabilities, no matter you level of expertise. Enroll in my course to create your own Prairie Point Pineapple.

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It just makes life Joyful and Happy

Quilting allows people to express their creativity through choosing fabric patterns, colors, and designs.  It can be a very rewarding and satisfying craft. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a quilting project.

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Prairie Point Pineapple

$45 USD

  • Learn to make Prairie Points, machine applique, 3 quilting designs, binding, and hanging trick for your Pineapple wall hanging.

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Susan Treloar